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axtlos - programmer, furry, transfem, aromantic genderless being

axtlos [she/they] xenia

axtlos is a programmer mainly using python, rust and awk. Very interested in *nix operating systems (currently using FreeBSD), open source software and other Tech things.

axtlos can be contacted via:

- Fedi:



- &

axtlos mainly works on

Project Shards

Crystal Linux

Specifically the following projects:

- Jade The installer backend

- Jade GUI The libadwaita installer frontend

- First Setup A libadwaita first setup helper

More random Projects can be found on Codeberg and GitHub

axtlos sometimes writes speeches and essays usually talking about Political topics or nerding about Software.

- Why America is involved in every major war A term paper about why the United States lead and start wars

- Dexit speech A speech in front of the European Parliament in the hypothetical case of germany leaving the EU (dexit)

- Lila and Zara A very short fairytale made for a school essay to write a progressive fairytale CW: Includes Violence and guns

- A better response to the article "Developers are lazy, thus Flatpak" A joke response to an article about flatpak being a thing due to the lazyness of developers.

- A response to the article "Flatpak is not the future" A joke response to an article about flatpak not being the future.

axtlos has some friends (shocking) who have their own websites

Eris Unable to set up FreeBSD jails, big nerd and very insane

Prudence Possum, always enjoyable to talk to and has a great sense of humour

Zoey Enby rat (the biggest one of them all), great humor and very cool

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