axtlos(7) Miscellaneous Information Manual axtlos(7)

axtlos - C programmer and linux user

axtlos is a programmer mainly using C, golang and python. Very interested in *nix operating systems (currently using FreeBSD), open source software and other Tech things.

axtlos can be found on:

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For more detailed information, see my Portfolio

axtlos mainly works on

Vanilla OS

Linux Immutability Tools

Crystal Linux

Project Shards (Dead, may revive at some point in the future)

Specifically the following projects:

- VSO The Vanilla OS system operator

- Vib A build tool to build images for Vanilla OS' abroot

- Jade The installer backend for Crystal Linux

- Jade GUI The libadwaita installer frontend for Crystal Linux

CC BY-SA 4.0 (C) axtlos